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The Nano Mist Sprayer is especially designed for Kashikoina hypochlorous acid water.  However, you may use for diffusing mineral water, tap water, toner (diluted with water).  Distilled water will not vaporize well as compared with mineral water or tap water,  because minimal amount of minerals are present.  

此納米噴霧器特別設計用於 Kashikoina 賢 所研發的次氯酸。 此外,也可將礦泉水或自來水或已稀釋的液體用於補水補濕定粧或消毒用途。 與礦泉水或自來水相比,由於蒸餾水礦物質的含量少,汽化效果較不理想。



  1. Never use undiluted toner, otherwise the nozzle will be blocked.  For usage of toner such as rosewater, you must dilute at ratio of 9 (water) : 1 (toner).  切勿使用未稀釋的液體,否則會堵塞噴嘴。 若使用如玫瑰水或化妝水或爽膚水等其他液體,必須以 9(水):1(液體)的比例稀釋,先加入90%的礦泉水或自來水,再滴入液體稀釋。
  2. Make sure to use up or remove the solution in the unit the same day.  Do not keep solution in the unit for over 24 hours.  確保當天用完或取出溶器內的溶液。 請勿將溶液保留在溶器內超過24小時。
  3. Never use sharp tools for maintenance; it will damage the nozzle.  切勿使用鋒利的工具進行維修; 否則會損壞噴嘴。
  4. If there is water droplet persists on the nozzle, use different brand mineral water, or wipe with cotton swabs to remove possible deposits. 如噴嘴上留有水滴,建議使用其他品牌的礦泉水或用棉棒擦拭以除去可能的沉積物 
  5. Never use during charging.  do not charge more than 12 hours.  切勿在充電過程中使用,充電時間不得超過12小時。
  6. Use soft cloth to clean the sprayer nozzle. 用軟布清潔噴霧器。
  7. Do not expose in high temperature, high humidity environment.  不要存放在高溫,潮濕的環境中。
  8. If you do not plan to use the sprayer for a period of time, make sure the water tank is dry and clean before storage. 若預計一段時間內不使用噴霧器,請確保溶器抺乾後方可存放。


Our Kashikoina Nano Mist Sprayer comes with a six months limited warranty.  

我們的 Kashikoina 賢 納米噴霧器有六個月合理有限保養期。

Nano Mist Sprayer

SKU: KMS2001
HK$68.00 Regular Price
HK$58.00Sale Price
  • Name: Nano Mist Sprayer

    Model: KMS001

    Input: DC5V/0.5A

    Current: 200mA

    Water Tank: 20 ml

    Packaging Size: 33 x 33 x 155mm

    Net Weight/Gross Weight: 48g/63g

    Standard: GB4706.1-2005

    Made: China

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