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Born in Yokohama, Japan 1962

Kenneth graduated with Bachelor's of Science degree in Chemical Engineering with minor in Polymer Science in 1984.  He continued his study at University of Southern California and earned his Master's degree in Manufacturing Engineering in 1985. He is a member of Omega Chi Episilon, Chemical Engineering Honor Society.

Kenneth has worked for Chevron Inc. ( for a total of 24 years starting as a process engineering in Caltex Oil Japan K.K. in 1987. He was selected as NISSA Project (Japan Saudi Joint Project) team member representing Chevron during 1991-1992. He was transferred to Hong Kong office in 1993 and created new businesses and joint ventures for Chevron China in asphalt, molten and pelletised sulphur, paraffin wax, and service stations.  

Kenneth took early retirement from Chevron in 2010 to look after wheel-chair bound ageing parents. He found his parents becoming emotionally discouraged from their limited immobility of caring for their own daily needs, especially his mother unable to wash her paralysed contracted hands ever since she had subarachnoid hemorrhage in 1996.  


Kenneth searched globally for solutions and could not find a solution.  So Kenneth decided to design them.

With his engineering background, Kenneth invented his own line of products that could benefit his parents.  He has acquired two patents jointly with his first son, Vincent Zee in 2019 and another patent in 2020 jointly with his two sons.  The inventions are focused on 1) mixing device with spray to disinfect viruses and bacterias, 2) sink for handicap persons assisting in personal hygiene while being  gentle to the skin, and 3) mega blister pack design.

特許 6493600 用容器およびそれを備えたスプレー容器

特許 6493613 手指自動洗浄装置


​Kenneth is now working on his fourth and fifth patents with his two sons.

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Born in Tokyo, Japan 1947

Mr. Hirai graduated from Keio University with Bachelor of Law in 1971 and joined Koa Oil Company Limited (a company which belongs to the JXTG Group) the same year.

​He has worked for JXTG Group (www.  total of 35 years until his retirement in 2005. His expertise was strategic planning and was project leader of group leader of company's

competitive enhancement projects.  


In 2008, he has obtained policy secretary qualification and worked as secretary to member of Japanese House of Representatives, whom later became the Miniter of Justice.  In 2010, he was named CEO of Retina Information Diagnostics Research Institute.   Mr. Hirai currently holds two patents relating to imaging system in Japan.  

特許5835264 「無散瞳眼底撮影システムと無散瞳眼底撮影方法」

Patent 5835264  Non-mydriasis fundus photography system and non-mydriasis fundus photography method

特許6090505 「眼底画像解析システムとそのプログラム」

Patent 6090505 "Fundus image analysis system and its program"

Kenneth has finally convinced Mr. HIrai to join the sparkling, new start-up brand "Kashikoina"  in 2018. He leads the strategic planning for the company and is also in charge of acquiring  Japanese Government funding for Kashikoina projects in disinfectants. 

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Yuji Hirai

​Senior Executive Advisor, Crown Company Limited 

​& Star Products Co., Ltd.


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